The winter MUST HAVE a SNOOD!

I have the privilege of living in a beautiful little town of Cape St Francis!!!


Yes i am lucky i know!! the one down side to living at the beach is the winter time is extremely cold!!!

So i am working on a little fashion project, i am bringing out my awesome workshops from my studies (Thank you Tannie Reta) yes i am bringing out the knitting needles and crochet needles!!!


For this little project i will be making myself some snoods, its comfy, its warm, its fashionable and its multi-purpose!

For those of you that don’t know what a snood is, its a scarf that is knitted in circle, or for those of you that don’t have the skills that my grand mother had, you can cheat like me and knit a normal scarf and just link the two ends when you are done! Hehe so getting back to what a snood is, you wear it as a normal scarf, but when it gets chilly, or if you just want to make a fashion statement, you throw it over your head like you would do with a hoody, and you are nice and toasty, and looking fabulous!!!!

Below are a couple of images of snoods worn as a scarf, or a “hoody”



and even hubby can rock this look!



Ill keep you updated on my progress of my snoods and add some photos as soon as im done!!

Stay warm and fashionable!


The meaning of colours…

We may not always notice it but colours can influence your moods, feeling and emotions. Colours can influence your actions, how you respond to people, how you handle situations and caneven influence your thought patterns and ideas.

We take colour for granted, we are surrounded by it all the time but we never think of how it affects us.

Here are some of the meanings of different colours:


Although not strictly a colour in its own right, the colour white contains all the colours of the rainbow. White is pure, healing and spiritual. The pure and virginal colour of white is often used in many cultures for bridal wear. Although white is also worn by the dead for burial or cremation and even by mourners in some cultures.

White also indicates beginnings and starting afresh. So wear something in white if you are beginning a new adventure, such as the first day at college, a new job or the start of a new project.


Black is the absence of all colour. It absorbs all aspects of light. Black is viewed as a mysterious, secretive and hidden colour and has many negative connotations. Black can be very protective for people suffering from low self esteem, low moods or other mental health issues. They use the colour black to protect them from the outside world and hideaway their true feelings and emotions. Great care should be taken not to use too much of the colour black for clothing and decor as it is very draining and depressing.

Silver or Grey:

Silver represents the feminine traits of intuition, compassion and mystery. Silver is associated with the Moon and Moon energy. Because of its strong associations with the Moon it is used in Magic rituals and Spell work, particularly around the full moon phase. Silver draws negative energy from the body and replaces it with vibrant, positive energy. People who are drawn to the colour silver are usually very intuitive and extremely compassionate. Silver is a very healing colour and promotes self healing and thus spiritual growth.


Gold has a strong, powerful masculine energy to it and is the most alluring of all colours. Gold is very attracting of admirers, boosting confidence and assisting with self esteem. Wearing this colour will help you attract very positive elements into life. Gold symbolise abundant wealth, power, vibrant health and prosperity. Because of this the colour gold is used in Magic rituals and Spell work, particularly around the celebration Sabbats. Gold is considered a very healing and transformative colour.


Brown, like the earth itself is a rich, comforting and sensuous colour. Brown represents groundedness, sensibility and practicality. Brown is not seen as a frivolous or flighty colour and is the preferred colour of both men and women who are practical and like to get things done. It is the colour of the doer rather than the dreamer.

If you want to attract a life partner who is loyal, trustworthy, dependable and supportive then wear something in the colour brown to catch their attention.


Blue is seen as a cool, tranquil colour and because of the blue skies and blue oceans is always a popular colour. Blue is said to be the colour of communication and is connected to the throat Chakra. From the palest baby blue to the richness of midnight blue, the colour blue is a very healing colour.

If you are having a job interview, need to make a speech in public or just want someone to really listen to you, then wear something in the colour blue to help you communicate and get your message across.


Green is a wonderful calming, fertile and nurturing colour. Its prevalence in nature makes it very easy on the eye and attractive. Green has always been associated with luck and wealth. In Magic the colour green is used to draw forth good luck and abundance. Green also symbolizes freshness, fertility and growth. If you want to become pregnant make sure you eat plenty of green vegetables, wear the colour green and spend plenty of time in nature amongst green fields and trees.


Yellow is a very sunny, bright and vibrant colour. Just looking at the colour yellow makes you happy! Of course yellow is a very common colour in nature with many flowers and fruits displaying a variety of hues and shades of this wonderful colour.

If you’re feeling down, give yourself an instant pick up by treating yourself to a vibrant yellow bunch of flowers, eat some sunny yellow coloured food or wear something in this colour. Wearing yellow gives an instant sunshine glow to the face and makes you look both cheery and youthful.


Orange is a very joyous and vibrant colour. Orange represents vitality, enthusiasm and excitement. Orange is a very uplifting and attracting colour. If you suffer low moods, try to eat orange foods such as carrots, oranges and pumpkins, wear orange clothing and get out into the sunshine as much as possible.

If you want to attract a man who is adventurous, exciting and energetic, particularly a Sagittarian man, then wear something in the colour orange. To attract a friendly, sociable and fun loving woman, men should wear something in the colour orange.


Red has many meanings. Red symbolizes the emotion of anger. Red indicates both danger and passion. Red is the colour of blood and can shock, repulse and frighten. Red is also the colour of red roses, red hearts and red lips – all symbols of passion and love.

If you are a man and want to attract a woman who is bold, assertive and knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it then wear red. If you are a woman and looking for a man, particularly an Aries man to pay you some attention then wear red to attract him.


Pink represents calmness, gentleness and romantic love. Pink is associated with traditional feminine traits and is very warm, none threatening and compassionate.

If you are looking for love and want to attract a soul mate to you, then wear something in the colour pink. Pink is the most attracting of all the colours and at least one shade of pink will be flattering to you – whatever your skin tone. Pink attracts attention and interest and allows the viewer of the colour to feel warmth and comfort. Because of this potential lovers will feel comfortable and confident enough to approach you and will not fear refusal.


Purple is seen as a very psychic, mysterious and magical colour. It inspires originanlity, creativity and aids spiritual growth. The colour purple represents royalty and the nobility and is associated with luxury and wealth. This opulent and extravagant colour purple was favoured by the elite in ancient cultures and great effort was made to find natural dyes to dye fabrics to this amazing colour.

People with great creativity tend to be drawn to the colour purple such as writers, artists, musicians, psychics and poets. Click on the purple image for much more about the colour meaning of purple.

Maybe next time you will think to yourself hmmm maybe thats why i am wearing this colour, maybe you will think twice before wearing a colour or maybe you will even plan you outfit for a specific occasion to suite what you want to exude and how you want to feel!

Happy dressing Friends 🙂

Creating my SKITZO range!!!!!

Imagine seeing something that no one else does… you try to explain it but no one seems to understand!

The range conveys the sense of Schizophrenia. Imagine living with 2 personalities, one being a fun, young, loving, quirky person with all the beautiful luminescent colours jumping around in your mind and then a dark structured person inside weighing you down into a pitch black dark hole.

The range imagines these two personalities intertwining: tight, fitted, structured clothes binding you into your own body. It is playful but dark, yet dark but playful. When you look down at the garments you first see happy colourful prints, you become so crazy, depressive and emotional. Looking further down you see you see tight, black and restricted putting you in a state of euphoria, the combination drives you insane. It is like being at the play park on your favourite merry-go-round but onthe pony behind you the evil clown is chasing you. It is clothing that is cohesive in colour, structure, pattern and silhouette emerging together in peace though it is unmerciful. Each garment piece has its own personality but together it creates unity.


I grew a lot through my 3rd year, so did my designs and way of thinking (and it still grown everyday)… I pushed myself further than i thought i could go, i learnt a lot in styling and techniques. I learned  about tayloring and principles that each designer needs to follow (and as my lecturer Lynette loved to say: Liesl jy knoei hou op knoei). I learned about a new textile called Mohair, which comes from the Angora goat.

I mastered the techniques of dyeing (ill talk about this in a next blog) my whole range except for my jackets were self dyed and finally i learned some fantastic programs such as Lectra and Kaledo.

I will never say that my 3rd year was easy and that i would do it all over again if i could, but i will never complain or moan… It was the best learning and growing experience of my life, I worked hard and would love to say played even harder but lets change the phrase to “I Played hard and worked even harder”.

And best of all I made friend that i would never want to give up!


Inspirations for my SKITZO range!!

So 3rd year came, and the pressure was on! Start designing and working on you final year range, these design could make or break you!

All the money, tears, breakdowns, litres of redbull play biopluss, sleepless nights came down to this… fail this and your done… you start thinking of your first day at varsity and the words that would always linger through your head that Harm said: You are all sitting here today thinking im going to draw pretty pictures and sewing pretty things reality is that 80% of you will never make it in the fashion industry (some scary but true words).

So i started designing dabbling and playing around. About one week back from my Industrial training i got extremely sick, sitting in the doctors waiting room, and read this poster, and i knew that would be my inspiration (its true you can get inspiration in the weirdest places)

The poster was on Schizophrenia and said the following: IMAGINE SEEING SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE DOES. YOU TRY TO EXPLAIN IT BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO UNDERSTAND!. Is this not any designer or artist? Does this mean we are all schizophrenic?

And so my Skitzo journey and journal started!

Through out the year we worked on a journal following your inspirations, constraints, challenges and ups and downs through out you process.

Here are some of my journal entries for inspiration:


Circular, square, rectangular, macro or micro, sequins and rectangular beads lend sparkle and shine to skirts, dresses and tops with no exceptions. Shiny, shot and brocade fabrics storm the catwalks, bent on making a impact on next winter. Its cue the seventies in modern version with dainty overcoats, shorts, empire line dresses, with puffball skirts and tops embellished with damasked fabrics, which since time immemorial have lent a touch of nobility.


Next winters wardrobe rather calls a modern art gallery with clothes sporting trompe-l’oeil effects, fashion designers have fun playing with prints and never-seen-before shapes and colours, increasingly resembling artistic master pieces. Strokes of colour, whirls burrowed from great bygone painters and short dresses, embellished with graphics, are a must. Reference is also made to 80’s pop art, a mood which has inspired both past and present creatives. Highly colourful and 60’s mini and maxi floral prints hold promises of a fun packed winter.

 Fashion designers are not insensitive to modern art paintings. They reinterpret them, personalizing them to create lively, captivating garments of a thousand guises. Brushstrokes of colour, wearable works of art, state-of-the-art transparency, graphic effects, a fashion workshop that exhibits fine canvases. Mickey mouse celebrates his 80th birthday and the catwalk artists interprets him to. Seventies-flavoured hippy looks with kaftans and dresses reminiscent of the music and moods ofWoodstock.


More colourful than ever! Without exception, a spectrum of bold rainbow colours explode onto the catwalks. The sunshine shade of bright yellow, defined by Frida Giannini as sunflower is ideal for daywear and also lights up long dresses in a most surprising manor. Flanked by orange and cherry red, each to its own, color adds a carefree fresh appeal to otherwise absolutely simple lines. Black disappears to be replaced by chocolate, a treat for sweet tooths. Sharp electric blue and shocking pink are a real must.


The catwalks are invaded by splashes of colour, a whirlwind of different shades for the coming winter, either brilliant or pastel, always decisive. Purple reigns supreme, holding onto its protagonist role with a thousand and one versions, on draped dresses and sculptured trenches. Green makes a timid appearance lit up for the evening, on clean cut, severe sheaths. Red and orange opt for a more discreet look, strikingly combined with yellow and grey.

In my next blog ill show you some of my designs, and the final product!


Ladies day!

Just a little fun post, about friends and wine! (no fashion this time)

So this past Tuesday all the ladies from work decided that we need a break from the men for the day, and we decided to take a boat cruise through The St Francis Canals and on the Kromme River.

My boss Liezl sent out the following mail to all the men in the building: Hi Guys, so today the ladies will get together at 13h00 and leave in a mass march to Brisan on the canals, please keep the fort… We will be back on Friday!! Just kidding we will be back tomorrow!

It was a little windy, but the again we do live in St Francis Bay, so it is expected! So we all got together at Brisan on the canals, a beautiful B&B run by Brian and Sandy Cunningham. Brian looked a bit intimidated by all the ladies, and gave up the reigns as tour guide and had his wife take us out.

And so the ladies braved the open waters. Very nervously i must add, since when the men did this a while ago, they hit 5 sand banks and had to push the boat back out, and of us would be willing to do this (maybe a couple of wines would make us brave).

We had not even left the jetty yet and Olga and Eugenie in true F&B style started pouring the drinks. and getting out the snacks. We had a good circle going with the snacks, passing around to each other, but somehow you will only get the snacks once and then when you look again either Olga or Kirsty has hogged the food once again! PS I would love their motabalism!

After lots of nervous giggles and panicked screams, we made it passed the mouth, and into the Kromme river we ventured. We just made it passed the Kromme river Bridge when the wind suddenly picked up and the waves of the river started soaking us (Poor Olivia was targeted, it was kind of like the cat syndrome, its as if the river knew she did not like it and kept going for her)

So we all decided we will turn back and rather just stick with a cruise through more of the canals.

Note the change in clothing, yes the wind in St Francis never disappoints.

Note by now we have been on the boat for about 3hours, wine flowing, maybe we have not thought this through completely? we dont have the same luxuries the men do (if you know what i mean). So we docked at one of the jettys on the canals to have a little braai on the boat and mission FIND A TOILET STARTED!!!!

Luckily we had our own personal chef Angie with us follo her on

And the as i call it i gotta ……. dances started

Heehee, all better now!!

We docked back at Brisan and had sundowners there over looking the most amazing sunset! A perfect end to a perfect day!

Thanx Ladies for a fun day, lets do so again!

Never Hide!


So now i have had i little more experience with doing promotions, and my ideas are getting a little bigger.

My second in-store promotion i did was for the Rayban promotion called Never Hide! It was all about being unique, being your self, not being afraid and out of the box designs!

The whole never hide theme was inspired by rock and roll, so it was only appropriate for us to set up a rock stage.We got some  instruments, guitars, keys, drums and we started setting up.

For this promotion i used some of my very good friends, who all are model worthy and all are actual musicians(and they each got 2 pairs of sunnies sponsored by Sunglass Hut)!

Edgars sponsored us the clothing for the day, and i must say my friends have never looked better! I think i can be a stylist for the rich and famous!

We had some fun with them as well, and finally one of the customers got Jason to laugh when he started unbutton his shirt and sing! It was a good laugh!

The guys kept this pose for 10min! i was super impressed!

Thanx again Kirsty, Jason and Reinart you were amazing!

Keep Rocking guys, and remember NEVER HIDE, be true to yourself!!



Instore Promotions!

Hey Guys!

Ok so this one i did not organize but this one was so much better!

Shakoor, who is one of the guys that works at Edgars Walmer Park organised a Brands promotion day for some of the top perfumes in the world! And somehow he swayed the Edgars managers to allow them to use my clothing!!

I of course jumped at the opportunity and designed and made the dresses in just three days! It was a big opportunity and the clothing would be seen by lots of people during the weekend of the promotions.

Once again Bianca from Mould Model Academy offered us some of her models, and the were once again absolutely stunning and perfect!

During the day we had a bit of fun with them and tried to get them to move, we popped balloons behind their backs, a customer tried tickling the one girl, we even got the clown that always pounces through walmer park to come and make them laugh, im telling you these girls did not move at all, no smiles, no cringes, no screams, no nothing!!

Here are some of the photos of teh models and dresses i made!

Thanx again Shakoor!! Sold 6dresses that day, and of course i got too say my clothing was in Edgars (even if it was only for a weekend)


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