Hoiden Pop Up Shop

Hey Ladies,

If you live in PE and you have not heard of Hoiden, you are missing out big time!

Hoiden is a truly distinctive South African label founded and created in 2011 by my two lovely friends,  Este van der Merwe and Marjorie Erasmus.
Designing one-of-a-kind ladies wear with a strong contrast of hard and soft textures and silhouettes.
They are determined to convey a new outlook on fashion by finding beauty in the darkest of places and transforming it into optimistic works of wearable art.
Este and Marjorie studied at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where they are currently situated.

Hoiden launched their label in April 2011 at SAfashionweek.

The Hoiden customer is fashion forward with a creative outlook on individual styles and life overall. She conveys the meaning of a careless individual, who expresses her youth and sense of adventure through her sense of taste.

So the new rage all over the word is called a POP-UP-SHOP, basically what it is a little shop that can pop up anywhere, a coffee shop, a tent parked up somewhere, in the middle of the mall wherever you basically choose and you get to buy the clothing at amazing prices.

And girls you are lucky… Hoiden will be having their very own POP-UP-SHOP!!

So go scooty on your booty there this Saturday , and tell all your beautiful friends!

Go invite Hoiden on their facebook page and you can get updated on what they are currently sewing up and their stunning photoshoots!

GO GO GO!!!!!!!



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