My little GREY book!

Yes, ladies you know what im talking about… dont act like you have no clue.

Ok so i have been pre-occupied the past 3nights, everyday i think of loads of things that i want to blog about then i get home turn on the heater or light up the fireplace and i get distracted… yes my little grey book is calling me.

Ive heard the hype surrounding this book (its like teens are called to Twilight, every woman is drawn to Fifty Shades) and the first reaction is always yeah right, as if i will get that into a little novel. O but i did! Ive been reading every night the past three evening (sometimes until three in the morning), i keep saying to myself just one more chapter then i will go sleep IT NEVER HAPPENS!!! Just finished the first of the three books last night, ending in a way i didnt want, so of course  i didnt go sleep i started with the net one… finally giving up at chapter 6.

Ok so i get it now: Christian grey is to me like Edward Cullen to a teen

That the mere words LATERS BABY can make you aroused, (dont blush now, u know its true)

Ok to get to my actual point that i want to make…

Although this book is erotic, sensual, “bite your lower lip” clenching, romantic even at times and just plain hot… There is another reason why every other woman cant put this book down… They want to know will Miss Steele be able to change Mr Grey… yes its true, you want to know will she get right what i could previously with my fifty-shades-of-whatever.

It’s true as much as i keep on reading to see what exciting thing they will do next, i keep on reading to see if he changes to be “more”.

anyway… im going to get back to my reading, ill do another updated with a few more thoughts as i continue reading…

And as anything that is in hype at the moment here are some more funny E-Cards for yout enjoyment

and my favourite one…

Keep calm and find YOUR INNER GODDESS!


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