St Francis Links Golf Estate

St Francis Links Golf Estate is the ULTIMATE HEAVEN ON EARTH!! 

St Francis Links is a truly mystical destination, whether you play the course or just visit for the incredible views it is beyond doubt, one of South Africa’s most breathtaking courses.

A beautiful piece of land created by mother nature, and nurtured to be one of SA’s top 10 Courses! Run by our Golf Director and PGA professional Jeff Clause and his wife Liezl Clause accompanied by an amazing management team will always make your stay an experience you will never forget!

So why choose St Francis Links for your golfing destination?

  • 6162m of the best golf in the world!
  • Golfing lessons with PGA Professionals
  • Chipping and putting greens
  • Fantastic golfing packages (including games at Humewood Links and St Francis Bay golf course)
  • As well as custom Golfing packages made to suit your needs
  • Custom golfing day events
  • Friendly Service
  • Jack Nicklaus Signature Course
  • Great Accommodation on the Estate
  • Amazing Proshop in the clubhouse
  • Shoot out with drinks on the 17th for special occasions.



St Francis Links has not only been in SA’s top 10 golf courses since they have opened but also over the past two years been voted as SA’s #1 wedding reception venue by the SA Bridal Industry Academy.

Why choose St Francis Links as your Wedding Destination?

  • Dedicated in-house professional wedding planner to assist you
  • Executive Chef for menu consultation
  • Assured plan B for poor weather or power failures
  • Ceremony and Reception at the same beautiful wedding venue
  • Luxury accommodation on the estate or in the village
  • A destination venue where your family and friends can spend the whole weekend
  • Remarkable track record – with testimonials
  • Guest activities including golf, canal cruises, beach or nature walks
  • St Francis Links is a member of the South African Bridal Industry Academy
  • We will deliver the perfect occasion for you on your special day

Not only is St Francis Links the ultimate golfing vacation, but St Francis Bay is the ultimate family holiday location… So while you are out on the golf course you can be sure that you family will be equally entertained with some of the following to look forward to:

  • Beaching and Beach Walks
  • Big Game Fishing
  • Bowling
  • Canal Cruises
  • Horse Riding
  • Lighthouse at Cape St Francis built in 1878
  • Penguin sanctuary in Cape St Francis
  • Port St Francis
  • Restaurants / Coffee Shops / Pubs
  • Sand River Walk
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkelling
  • Sea Cruises
  • Shopping at Fountains Mall – Jeffrey’s Bay
  • Shopping at St. Francis Bay Square
  • Spa
  • St Francis Bay Squash Club
  • Surfing at St Francis, Cape St Francis or Jeffrey’s Bay
  • Tennis
  • Whale and Dolphin Watching
  • Yachting
  • Yoga

So come and Make St Francis Links your next Holiday Destination!!

For More Information call or email:

  • Liezl Clause or Eugenie van Vuuren for Wedding enquiries on 042 200 4500 or
  • Justin Roux or LeeLy Burger for golf or package enquiries on 042 200 4500 or
  • Wynand du Buyn or Justin Roux for Golfing lessons on 042 200 4500 or
  • Or go have a look on our Website

And as Santa always says EVERY GREAT SHOT STARTS WITH A SMILE!!!


Hoiden Pop Up Shop

Hey Ladies,

If you live in PE and you have not heard of Hoiden, you are missing out big time!

Hoiden is a truly distinctive South African label founded and created in 2011 by my two lovely friends,  Este van der Merwe and Marjorie Erasmus.
Designing one-of-a-kind ladies wear with a strong contrast of hard and soft textures and silhouettes.
They are determined to convey a new outlook on fashion by finding beauty in the darkest of places and transforming it into optimistic works of wearable art.
Este and Marjorie studied at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where they are currently situated.

Hoiden launched their label in April 2011 at SAfashionweek.

The Hoiden customer is fashion forward with a creative outlook on individual styles and life overall. She conveys the meaning of a careless individual, who expresses her youth and sense of adventure through her sense of taste.

So the new rage all over the word is called a POP-UP-SHOP, basically what it is a little shop that can pop up anywhere, a coffee shop, a tent parked up somewhere, in the middle of the mall wherever you basically choose and you get to buy the clothing at amazing prices.

And girls you are lucky… Hoiden will be having their very own POP-UP-SHOP!!

So go scooty on your booty there this Saturday , and tell all your beautiful friends!

Go invite Hoiden on their facebook page and you can get updated on what they are currently sewing up and their stunning photoshoots!

GO GO GO!!!!!!!


My little GREY book!

Yes, ladies you know what im talking about… dont act like you have no clue.

Ok so i have been pre-occupied the past 3nights, everyday i think of loads of things that i want to blog about then i get home turn on the heater or light up the fireplace and i get distracted… yes my little grey book is calling me.

Ive heard the hype surrounding this book (its like teens are called to Twilight, every woman is drawn to Fifty Shades) and the first reaction is always yeah right, as if i will get that into a little novel. O but i did! Ive been reading every night the past three evening (sometimes until three in the morning), i keep saying to myself just one more chapter then i will go sleep IT NEVER HAPPENS!!! Just finished the first of the three books last night, ending in a way i didnt want, so of course  i didnt go sleep i started with the net one… finally giving up at chapter 6.

Ok so i get it now: Christian grey is to me like Edward Cullen to a teen

That the mere words LATERS BABY can make you aroused, (dont blush now, u know its true)

Ok to get to my actual point that i want to make…

Although this book is erotic, sensual, “bite your lower lip” clenching, romantic even at times and just plain hot… There is another reason why every other woman cant put this book down… They want to know will Miss Steele be able to change Mr Grey… yes its true, you want to know will she get right what i could previously with my fifty-shades-of-whatever.

It’s true as much as i keep on reading to see what exciting thing they will do next, i keep on reading to see if he changes to be “more”.

anyway… im going to get back to my reading, ill do another updated with a few more thoughts as i continue reading…

And as anything that is in hype at the moment here are some more funny E-Cards for yout enjoyment

and my favourite one…

Keep calm and find YOUR INNER GODDESS!

Don’t be scared this season

We live in a time where mostly anything can be done in fashion…

Here are some thing that you can do and should not be scared of this fall/winter:













Fashion trends that never should have happened!!

Here is my top 10 worst fashion trends ever (in no particular order because they are all bad)














Printing and Dyeing methods!!


There are 7 distinct methods at present used for producing coloured patterns on cloth:

  1. Hand block printing
  2. Perrotine or block printing by machine
  3. Engraved plate printing
  4. Engraved roller printing
  5. Stenciling, which although not really a printing process is commonly used
  6. Screen Printing
  7. Digital textile printing

Here are a few highlights of some of the types of printing

HAND BLOCK PRINTING:  This process, though considered by some to be the most artistic, is the easiest, simplest and slowest of all the methods.

in this process, a design is drawn upon, or transferred to, a prepared wooden block. A separate block is required for each distinct colour in the design.

A blockcutter carves out the wood around the heavier masses first, leaving the finer and more delicate work until the last so as to avoid any risk of injuring it during the cutting of the coarser parts. When finished, the block presents the appearance of flat relief carving, with the design standing out. The bock is then inked and pressed on the fabric to transfer the print.

ROLLER PRINTING, CYLINDER PRINTING OR MACHINE PRINTING: The advantages possessed by roller printing over other contemporary processes are the following:

  • It has high productivity, up to 12000 yard can be printed in 10hours by a single colour machine.
  • It has the capacity of being applied to the reproduction of every style of design, ranging from the fine delicate lines of copperplate engraving and the small repeats and limited colours of the perrotine to the broadest effects of block printing and to patterns varying in repeat from 1 to 80.
  • The wonderful exactitude with which each portion of an elaborate multicolour pattern can be fitted into its proper place without faulty joints at its points of repetition.

STENCILING: The art of stenciling is very old. It has been applied to the decoration of textile fabrics from time immemorial by the Japanese and ,of late years, has found increasing employment in Europe for certain classes of decorative work on woven goods for furnishing purposes.

The pattern is cut out of a sheet of stout paper or thin metal with a sharp pointed knife, the uncut portions representing the part that is to be reserved or left uncoloured. The sheet is now laid on the material to be decorated and colour is brushed through its interstices.

SCREEN PRINTING: Screen printing is by far the most used technology today. Two types exist: Rotary screen printing and flat bed screen printing. A blade squeezes the printing paste through openings in the screen onto the fabric.

Heres me having some fun doing screen printing!


Dyeing is the process of adding color to textile product like fibers, yarns, and fabrics. Dyeing is normally done in a special solutions containing dyes and particular chemical material. After dyeing, dye molecules have uncut chemical bond with fiber molecules. The temperature and time controlling are two key factors in dyeing. There are mainly two classes of dye, natural and man-made.

You can apply the dye in 2 methods, either direct application- which is dyeing the material itself or Yarn dyeing- which is dyeing the yarn before it is woven into the material.



Designer inspirations for my SKITZO range!


Anna Molinari and her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini establish Blumarine.
A new collection is added to the existing brand, Miss Blumarine for girls between 6 and 14 years of age.

 Jasmine Guinnes, presents the Blumarine world ingeniously and imaginatively, through its new philosophy, intermingling beauty, glamour and fun. A new licensing contract is signed for the production of the Blumarine lingerie line.

In January 2007, the new collection Blugirl Follies is born, made by licencee Spazio blu. Its trademark denimware, enriched with casual details.


The Past and the Present Fashion Designer Heidemarie Jiline Sander was born in 1943 in Wesselburen/ Dithmarschen in Northern Germany. After her graduation from a school of textile engineering and two years in the United States, she began working as an editor for fashion magazines in 1963. She opened up her first boutique in 1968, in Hamburg. By then she designed a collection for the chemical company Hoechst using their Trevira fabrics. The first collection under her own label hit the market in 1973. Her designs are often compared with the Bauhaus architecture of the 1920s. Jil Sander herself refers to her stubborn character, when explaining why she notoriously returns to simple lines in cut and a highly sophistcated choice in fabric. Early on, Jil Sander enriched her collection by offering mostly coordinates, so that pieces could be combined freely. The delicacy of the colors, fabrics, and shapes Jil Sander chooses is aimed at women who prefer a distinguished and fitting look in every situation


Luella Bartley inspires envy for having the perfect life. With three children, an idyllic home inCornwalland surfer photographer partner David Sims, she also runs an uber-successful fashion label.

Her life seems laced with serendipity – the invaluable induction into fashion journalism on the Evening Standard, Vogue, The Face and Dazed & Confused that led her back to her first love of design, then a catwalk debut in 2000 supported financially by the backing of a close friend. Sounds perfect. • Luella grew up in Stratford Upon Avon – she has said that not coming from London helped her succeed.• The names of her shows have always been inspired: Dial F for Fluoro; Daddy I want a Pony; Cowboys and Indians at Glastonbury.• When she started out she claimed to make “the kind of clothes you can get drunk and fall over in”.• She created her first collection for high street store New Look for spring/summer 2002.• The Gisele bag she designed in collaboration with Mulberry revived the ailing brand.Luella Bartley’s success took her to show at New York Fashion Week but in 2007 she returned to her roots to show in London and opened a new shop on Brook Street. Her prom dresses have become uniform for young female songstresses from Lily Allen to Kate Nash.


Miuccia Prada is a woman’s designer. She designs clothes that take account of a woman’s curves and at the same time communicating intelligence as well as a sense of fun.
She has a PhD in Political Science, which she followed with five years studying performing mime. She was also a member of the Communist Party. After her degree, in 1978 she reluctantly took over the luxury leather goods company that her grandfather had founded in Milan in 1913.
• In 1985, she designed a line of black, unlabelled, hard-wearing but finely-woven nylon handbags that immediately became must-haves
• Prada launched her eponymous ready-to-wear collection in autumn/winter 1989 to critical acclaim
• In 1992, she debuted the less expensive Miu Miu (Miuccia’s nickname), inspired by her personal wardrobe
• In 1993 she won a Council of Fashion Designers of America International Award

It was under Bertelli’s sway that the design house grew as a conglomerate adding such labels as Fendi, Helmut Lang, Jil Sander and Azzedine Alaia to its portfolio of brands. Miuccia Prada consistently brings a reality check to fashion: “I love fashion, but I think it should stay in its place, not rule your life. It’s a very nice part of your life, but I think it should be fun.”


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